Due to own projects and my own scedule I only take a selected choice of commissions with special rules.
I hope you will understand this.

Prices are in EUROS!
Due to changes in currency I decided to use the Euro. Please use an online convertor or ask

I admit this list is complicated. I am still cleaning up new versions of clearer sampling/priceing.
If you are not sure, just ask me.

Minimal size or amount * (you have to order atleast this much)
(you have to pay atleast this much)
under each sample is a short description with a sample price 
Sketchbooks (A4)
6 pages or more
per page 10- 16 Euros , for more details/figures/inking 17-20 Euros, + sketchbook price

Conceptual Sketches/Designs, Pencil works (A4)
4 pages or more per object/creatue
per page 18-23 Euros, 25-30 Euros for A3
Acrylics or oils
2xA4 / 1x A3 or more
 60-70 Euros per A4 (100-120 Euros for A3)
+ canvas price
2x A4/1x A3 or more
30-50 Euros per A4 (60-100 Euros for A3) depends on background/details

Digital artwork
3 sketches, 2 medium or 1 full detail.
20-100 Euros depending on detail and size, print not included

Sculpture Polymer
3pieces x 2 inch or 2 pieces x 3 inch or 1 piece x 7 inches and above 80-100 Euros or more, depends on add ons, details.

2 x A5 or 1x A4, min 60 pages or more
130 Euros, handdyed paper, custom cover

* You have to order this amount to make the commission "valid".

For single commissions please come to my dealers table at Conventions, or pay attention to my journals and yahoogroup
where I will announce exceptions or special offers.

Author support:
If you are a publishing author, feel free to contact me.
I give a  one time 50% reduction/per book on artworks that are to be published.

NOTE: prices may change over time depending on current currency!

Please contact me via for details and questions.
For best quotes please give me an exact description aswell a time idea.
I have a certain time it takes me to work on commissions. For a speed-it-up option I may charge another 10% on the final price depending on how soon you want your piece.
The time I may need for this piece is agreed upon beginning. Depending on scedule and commission complexity the average is 2-4 months (plus minus, I will inform you).

How I work:
after details are cleared 
you pay me the initial payment*  (50%)(depending on material costs another add on). I will make you a rough sketch of what you had in mind, which will be discussed and possibly edited. After agreeing on design form I make a detail sketch of  the final artwork and will then start working on the artwork itself.
I will keep you updated in the process for changes or suggestions, depending on the size and medium up there can be up to 3 new suggestions/changes.
Once the piece is done you pay the remaining 50% and shipping an I will ship the piece.
Shipping is not included. Please ask for a rough quote.

* the initial payment may vary. Please also keep in mind that for some artworks I may ask the full payment at front. It all depends on the commission and on how well I know the customer. I ask you to respect my decision upon this. It may vary from person to person and from season to season.

What I will NOT do:
-heavy violence
-anything sexual (except tasteful nudity)
-no copy-right characters (unless you have permission)

I also do not wish to make anything heavy political, strongly religious, rightist extremist (or other extremes) as well as I prefer to do a bit less furry artwork in the theme of portrait or pin-up.

Please ask if you are not sure as there are  gray zones of exceptions of approving and declining I may make. I reserve the right to reject any commission I do not feel comfortable with.

    Smaller orders in amount or price will only be taken if:
    - I have the time to make them
    - If they are of a specific use (logos, book illustrations, published works, etc)

Feel free to ask but please respect my final decision.
I try to fit my prices and works best to the customers wishes. Hence the prices may vary!

I'm a busy artist, I may work on many things simultaneously or be offline for days.
I have my own projects I am working on or things in life that keep me busy. If I do not reply
just email me again.

thank you :)